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Coir Products are Eco-friendly & Biodegradable

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Aanoor Bagley Coir (P) Ltd

Aanoor Bagley Coir (P) Ltd is a Private Limited company and a pioneer in coir pith (coco peat) industry started on 1995.Aanoor Bagley coir (P) Ltd manufacturers and exports coir pith with its registered office at Coimbatore and the factory located about 100 kms from Coimbatore on Erode Kangayam Main Road. This company was started and developed under the leadership of Mr.A.Sivakumar Mandradiar and steadily growing under the leadership of his son Mr.S.Naveen Mandradiar, Managing Director.

300 Acres of farm with 5 acres of Factory

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5 Kg Buffered Coir pith block

Coir pith in its natural state contains a lot of sodium ions, which cling to the coco coir like a magnet on the cation exchange sites, and is also rich in potassium.

5 Kg low EC Coir pith block

Coir pith block is specially designed for commercial Nurseries and greenhouses in horticulture and floriculture.

5 Kg High EC Coir pith block

Coir pith block unwashed is used as cattle bed, absorbtion material for oil spills in various industries which in turn can be used as a burning material in furnace.

1 Kg Buffered and low EC Coir pith blocks

1 Kg Coir pith blocks are made by compressing coir pith. As per the customer requirement they are individually shrink wrapped with or without labels as per their specifications.

Commercial Grow Bag

Coir pith grow bags are manufactured by blending Coir pith with adequate quantity of short Coir fiber.

Retail Grow bag

The best value gardening kits available – Retail Grow Bag is the magic instant garden for your deck, patio or balcony!

What is Coir Pith?

Coir is the outside layer of husk that surrounds the shell of the coconut. It consists mainly of fibres, which have traditionally been used to manufacture rope, carpets, doormats, upholstery stuffing, brushes etc. Between these fibres is the corky substance called coir pith or coir dust, which has recently been widely recognised as the superior growing medium in which to grow tomatoes, roses and many other crops. The horticulture industry often calls this substrate coco-peat (or cocopeat) or coir-peat. Sometimes it is known by similar sounding brand names.

  • Excellent air porosity
  • Excellent water retention
  • Reduces Global warming
  • Reabsorbs water from dry state
  • Irrigation efficiency
  • Renewability